Imports are Impacting Arkansas Steel Industry
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WASHINGTON D.C. - Northeast Arkansas is the second largest steel producing area in the country.

Rep. Rick Crawford says cheap Chinese steel is being dumped in the U.S. and it's hammering the state's steel industry.

Washington D.C. Correspondent Drew Petrimoulx reports Congressman Crawford asked the president to talk to Chinese officials about the problem on the president's recent trip to that country.

But it's so far unclear whether that talking to has made a difference.

Congressman Rick Crawford says cheap steel imports from China hurt workers in his Northeast Arkansas District.

"We can't compete on the global market if they're gonna manipulate the market the way that they are," Rep. Rick Crawford (R) said. 

Crawford says government subsidies and violations of international trade law give Chinese companies an advantage.

It's a problem President Trump promised to tackle during a speech last summer. 

"Wait till you see what im going to do for steel and for you steel companies," President Donald Trump said.

Earlier this month as the president prepared to visit china -- Crawford and other members of congress wrote a letter urging him to press Chinese officials to change policy.

During the trip President Trump called for more fairness in US China trade policies.

"We have to fix this because it just doesn't work," President Donald Trump said.

But he did not speak about steel publicly.

"He brought it up I'm sure to what extent im not sure and i don't know what kind of action would be taken further," Rep. Rick Crawford (R) said.

Action could come after the completion of a Commerce Department investigation into whether steel and other imports threaten national security.

That was supposed to be complete by next summer but it's currently on hold as the Trump Administration tackles domestic issues.


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